Alkaline “Deep Sleep ” removed from YouTube

Alkaline latest single titled “Deep Sleep” has been removed from YouTube.

The Vendetta deejay debut the fiery  track produced by Gego Don Records.

“Deep Sleep” was allegedly a Vybz Kartel and Rygin King diss track started to gain views on YouTube, the single was surprisingly removed from the platform earlier this week.

According to YouTube, the video is now unavailable due to a copyright infringement claims by a third party. Dancehall insiders say a producer caused the strike after he discovered that the Gego Don Records beat sounded similar his project.

Alkaline’s team is currently working to resolve the issue.

Bounty Killer Says Alkaline Is A Poor Performer

Bounty Killer takes another Jab at Alkaline over his performance.

Alkaline performed in front of a sold-out crowd at last weekend’s BRT Weekend in Miami, Florida. While some fans say his performance was well-received, others say it was boring. Bounty Killer chimed in by posting a video of a segment of the performance on the Gram where he pretty much dismissed the Vendetta deejay is a poor performer. The dancehall legend told his fans that Alkaline is simply not ready for the big stage in dancehall.


“A DEM YA DEM SAY AGO RUN DANCEHALL A DEM A RUN WEH DANCEHALL YES Big BRT Weekend calm like a desert,” Killer wrote. “The formula tun funeral The dead man himself go watch back how we deal wid beach parties a forth clarence in our prime next 3yrs it ago sticky bad Most Boring Artiste Alive.”

Bounty Killer then suggested that he will be recording a diss track for Alkaline as a means of cleansing dancehall from what he called germs. Over the summer, Grunggadzilla and the Vendetta deejay got into a heated social media feud after the dancehall icon called him “dancehall’s biggest Freakazoid.”

At the time, Alkaline clapped back by sending Bounty Killer a direct message telling him to “s**k your mother yah b*tch.” If you’re a Jamaican or know anyone who is, then you would know that’s one of the worst things you can tell any Jamaican. Bounty also shared a comedy skit where someone impersonated him while dissing Alka in the most disrespectful way.

Shenseea Involved In Car Accident

Shenseea and her team were involved in car accident in Sint Maarten.

The fast-rising Dancehall singjay arrived on the Netherlands Caribbean island Wednesday evening ahead of her show.

Just hours after the “ShenYeng Anthem” singer’s arrival, a drunk driver crashed into a motor vehicle Shenseea and her team including manager Romeich Major and DJ Black Boy were travelling in while on their way to a hotel.


A drunk driver was driving downhill on our side of the road!,” Shenseea wrote under a video of the crash. “Right off we vehicle! I’m always grateful to God and this is now another one of my testimonies!”

“My team is in pain but we are alive! I hit my head face way, def gonna be swollen but I can’t wait to go kiss my son again,· thank god it wasn’t a car! Being in a car accident is serious!!! Shook us up real hard! Drive safe guys!,” she added.

Vybz Kartel Murder Case Juror Say’s She Contemplated Suicide After Trial


One member of Vybz Kartel murder trial jury says that the case destroyed her life to the point she contemplates suicide.

Vybz Kartel appeal case is still in the hands of the courts, and now two jurors from his murder trial are speaking out. Four years after the controversial trial of dancehall icon Vybz Kartel, two members of the jury are speaking out on how the case affected their lives. The two unnamed jurors are now living overseas, and one of them is in the witness protection program.

They both said they had to leave Jamaica because they were in fear for their lives after returning a guilty verdict in Vybz Kartel, Shawn Storm, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones murder case. The two jurors were also integral in the arrest of corrupt juror Livingston Cain, who allegedly attempted to bribe the forewoman and other members of the jury with $500,000 to find the accused men not guilty. Cain was charged with attempt to pervert the course of justice, a crime which carries years in prison.

One of the female juror, who is now living outside of Jamaica as part of the Witness Protection Programme, says that the justice system is badly in need of an overhaul. She also questioned why Livingston Cain corruption trial is dragging out in the courts.

The juror revealed that since the trial in 2014, her life has turned upside down. “All of my personal information has been changed, which simply means I have no past,” she told the Gleaner. “I have no identity, and I am a citizen of nowhere. That hurts.” She revealed that she had contemplated suicide as a means to escape the hardship she has been faced with since the controversial trial.

Being in witness protection means that she can’t contact any of her family or friends, she has to live a brand new life in a foreign country. She is also under surveillance and should report to the Jamaican authorities if she speaks with any Jamaican. The juror is now living under an entirely new identity, and the government monitors her social media accounts.


The juror also pointed out that she gets financial support from the Jamaican government but it only covers a small portion of her living expense, so she has to work to support herself fully. She said that she couldn’t even spend Christmas and other holidays with her family, while the corrupt juror is out on bail and gets to spend time with his family.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, Shawn Campbell, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones, were found guilty by an 11-member jury. The jury was supposed to be 12 members, but one female was relieved from jury duties after she expressed that she is in fear of her life after coming into contact with the accused men in prison while she was visiting her son who was behind bars at the time.

The four men were given life sentences for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams and are now appealing the conviction.

Alkaline Explains Why He Disrespected Bounty Killer

Alkaline has stepped forward to explain why he disrespected dancehall legend Bounty Killer on the Gram.

In all fairness to Alkaline, Killer disrespected him first, and he returned the favor. During his rant about Mavado, Bounty Killer turned his attention to Alka calling him the biggest “Freakazoid” in dancehall. The Vendetta deejay returned the favor by sending him a direct message telling him to “s*** your mother.” That’s one of the most unthinkable things you can tell someone in Jamaica and Alkaline received some backlash from dancehall fans for it.

“I see everybody getting heated and hot over it saying how am dissing people and things,” Alka said. “I didn’t hear everybody talking about how them a diss me. From ever since I forward into the industry Killer call up my name… Foota a style man, I didn’t pay any of them any mind, I just did a focus on my music.

Tommy Lee Sparta Arrested

Tommy Lee Sparta is now in police custody.

The popular entertainer was arrested in Kingston, Jamaica on Sunday morning just minutes after leaving the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall finals.

The “Not A Badness” deejay, whose real name is Leroy Russell, allegedly stopped at an ATM in St Andrew where masked police officers with guns accosted him and brought him to the Half Way Tree Police Station.

According to reports, detectives of the Counter-Terorrism and Organised Crime Investigation Branch (C-TOC) and the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB) want to question Sparta in relation to organised crimes in St. James.

The gothic Dancehall artiste is expected to be questioned later this week.

Capleton Tells His Side Of The Story

Capleton is denying allegations of rape following his arrest last week.

Detectives assigned to the Centre for Investigation Sexual Offence and Child Abuse (CISOCA) arrested and charged the popular entertainer on Friday.

Reports from the police are that on Saturday, April 28 at about 11:20 a.m., the “Jah Jah City” singer whose real name is Clifton Bailey, reportedly hired a female hairdresser to groom his hair at a hotel in the New Kingston area. While at the hotel, it is reported that he forcibly had sexual intercourse with the female.

The matter was reported to the police and an investigation launched. Bailey was subsequently charged after a question and answer interview was conducted in the presence of his attorney.

He is to appear in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday, May 14

Capleton’s attorney Christopher Townsend has since refuted the claims and is confident that King David will be exonerated. Townsend also revealed that a dual investigation is being conducted by the police force after the woman who made the report is currently being investigated for extortion.

Capleton’s rep says the artiste made a report to a constable on May 2 that a woman had been attempting to extort money from him after a sexual encounter days earlier.

Allegations are that after the sexual encounter, the woman allegedly complained that she had a cyst on her ovary and had been admitted to the hospital for treatment, and according to Capleton’s management team, that was a lie.

His rep claimed that the alleged victim then sent one of her daughters, a 19-year-old, to pick up snacks from the deejay, but the demands did not subside.

Capleton reportedly refused to co-operate once the woman demanded a large sum of money to allow her to be a part of a ’round-robin’.

The rep added that police, both at the Half-Way Tree CIB and officials from CISOCA, are in possession of text messages and conversations relating to the matter.


Alkaline Drops New Song “Perfect”


Alkaline come through with a new banger “Perfect” produced by DJ Frass.

Been a good minute since we’ve gotten some new music from Alkaline and Mavado and the two deejays drop a new song each on Friday. The Vendetta boss serves up something for his female fans in the form of a catchy party club banger. The song is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.

“Them other gal no like yo cuz them jealous jealous / Get mad go pon yo head mi want yo bend up bend up / But a one thing mi a beg yo remember me when yo buss / Batty fat yo get me hot when yo a twerk it,” Alkaline spits over an uptempo dancehall beat.

Alkaline’s last single before this “Load Up” was released in February and has since racked up 7.5 million views on YouTube and strong streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Alka and his team are planning to shoot a video for the single.