Can Eating Chocolate And Drinking Wine Prevent Ageing

Age Prevention

A creamy bar of chocolate can also bring you a little buzzy feeling of happiness, breaking you away from the sensible dieting and restraint of adult life.

However, did you know these naughty treats could actually be keeping you young?

Scientists from the Universities of Exeter and Brighton have discovered how a chemical compound, found in red wine and dark chocolate, could help to rejuvenate inactive senescent cells, slowing down the ageing process which awaits us all…

In an exciting new study, these compounds – known as reversatrol analogues – were found to make cells look and behave young n’ spritely.

The team made the discovery by applying reversatrol analogues to cells in culture, which caused splicing factors to be turned back on.

Furthermore – within hours – older cells had begun to divide and were found to have longer telomeres –  chromosome ‘caps’ which shorten during the ageing process.

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