S.I.P. Interviews Singing Vernon

S.I.P ( Seeing Into People) Diamond Reggae.

Greetings Singing Vernon,
It is a pleasure to have you share with us. Much Gratitude!

Singing Vernon

Are you happy with the direction of Reggae Music?

No I Am Not

Describe yourself in three words?

A Reggae defender

How long have you been a singer?

Been singing since I born.

Your voice is quite pleasing to the ear, how do you maintain it?

Natural voice Jah gave me ,it is built in. Rest well
and stay away from Dairy products.

In another five years where do you vision Sing Vernon?

Next 5 years I should be greeting and singing songs of love to people all over the world

What keeps you afloat in such a demanding and competitive world?

The love of Reggae music , I have to defend and preserve the greatness of the music.

Who or what inspires you the most musically?

Lol Bob Marley

How would you describe a day with Singing Vernon?

A day with the singa is full of adventures

Are you spiritual or religious, what is your philosophy?

My philosophy is Love , religiously and spiritually . Do unto others as they would do onto you..raspek

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