Alkaline “Deep Sleep ” removed from YouTube

Alkaline latest single titled “Deep Sleep” has been removed from YouTube.

The Vendetta deejay debut the fiery  track produced by Gego Don Records.

“Deep Sleep” was allegedly a Vybz Kartel and Rygin King diss track started to gain views on YouTube, the single was surprisingly removed from the platform earlier this week.

According to YouTube, the video is now unavailable due to a copyright infringement claims by a third party. Dancehall insiders say a producer caused the strike after he discovered that the Gego Don Records beat sounded similar his project.

Alkaline’s team is currently working to resolve the issue.

Bounty Killer Says Alkaline Is A Poor Performer

Bounty Killer takes another Jab at Alkaline over his performance.

Alkaline performed in front of a sold-out crowd at last weekend’s BRT Weekend in Miami, Florida. While some fans say his performance was well-received, others say it was boring. Bounty Killer chimed in by posting a video of a segment of the performance on the Gram where he pretty much dismissed the Vendetta deejay is a poor performer. The dancehall legend told his fans that Alkaline is simply not ready for the big stage in dancehall.


“A DEM YA DEM SAY AGO RUN DANCEHALL A DEM A RUN WEH DANCEHALL YES Big BRT Weekend calm like a desert,” Killer wrote. “The formula tun funeral The dead man himself go watch back how we deal wid beach parties a forth clarence in our prime next 3yrs it ago sticky bad Most Boring Artiste Alive.”

Bounty Killer then suggested that he will be recording a diss track for Alkaline as a means of cleansing dancehall from what he called germs. Over the summer, Grunggadzilla and the Vendetta deejay got into a heated social media feud after the dancehall icon called him “dancehall’s biggest Freakazoid.”

At the time, Alkaline clapped back by sending Bounty Killer a direct message telling him to “s**k your mother yah b*tch.” If you’re a Jamaican or know anyone who is, then you would know that’s one of the worst things you can tell any Jamaican. Bounty also shared a comedy skit where someone impersonated him while dissing Alka in the most disrespectful way.

Alkaline Explains Why He Disrespected Bounty Killer

Alkaline has stepped forward to explain why he disrespected dancehall legend Bounty Killer on the Gram.

In all fairness to Alkaline, Killer disrespected him first, and he returned the favor. During his rant about Mavado, Bounty Killer turned his attention to Alka calling him the biggest “Freakazoid” in dancehall. The Vendetta deejay returned the favor by sending him a direct message telling him to “s*** your mother.” That’s one of the most unthinkable things you can tell someone in Jamaica and Alkaline received some backlash from dancehall fans for it.

“I see everybody getting heated and hot over it saying how am dissing people and things,” Alka said. “I didn’t hear everybody talking about how them a diss me. From ever since I forward into the industry Killer call up my name… Foota a style man, I didn’t pay any of them any mind, I just did a focus on my music.

Alkaline Drops New Song “Perfect”


Alkaline come through with a new banger “Perfect” produced by DJ Frass.

Been a good minute since we’ve gotten some new music from Alkaline and Mavado and the two deejays drop a new song each on Friday. The Vendetta boss serves up something for his female fans in the form of a catchy party club banger. The song is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.

“Them other gal no like yo cuz them jealous jealous / Get mad go pon yo head mi want yo bend up bend up / But a one thing mi a beg yo remember me when yo buss / Batty fat yo get me hot when yo a twerk it,” Alkaline spits over an uptempo dancehall beat.

Alkaline’s last single before this “Load Up” was released in February and has since racked up 7.5 million views on YouTube and strong streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Alka and his team are planning to shoot a video for the single.