Kaffi Blak -Drops “Dem Haters” Video

As an artist, songwriter and entrepreneur, Kaffi Blak is blazing the trail as the newest, hottest upcoming independent artist on the scene. Hailing from North Carolina, Kaffi Blak has set a foundation on his journey creating a unique niche of blending the Caribbean and American musical vibes. Growing up around most Caribbeans, Kaffi Blak tributes his musical skills to the tutoring he received from the communities which embraced him from the start. Kaffi Blak’s influence includes: Vybes Kartel, Alkaline, Sean Paul and Aidonia just to name a few.

Kaffi Blak got his humble beginnings when his friend used to DJ in the basement, and Kaffi Blak loved the sounds the DJ was putting together. Frequently visiting his DJ friend, Kaffi Blak began writing songs to various riddims and would begin putting on shows for the local crowd. Seeing his talent grow, one of Kaffi Blak’s closest friends always told him, “never give up as you are going to get better and better.” Kaffi Blak’s family and fans keeps him motivated to pursue his dreams and goals in the music industry. Now stepping out of the local zone, Kaffi Blak is destined to lay his stamp in the mainstream. Kaffi Blak’s music is already favored by SirrusXM, XBox Music, Spotify, Tidal, Slacker, AT&T, Cricket, T-Mobile, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, Flip-O-Gram, Simfy Africa, YouTube, Pandora, BeatPort and many more!

Kaffi Blak is currently promoting his debut singles, Dem Haters ” and the official video will be premiering on Vevo Channel. Can’t Compare Da 2, and Priceless Wine featuring JR. Pinchers, Man Like Me and Controlling soon to be available on all major digital outlets.