Greetings Beloved Makonnen! S.I.P Diamond Reggae is more than honored to be doing this innerview with the I. Thank You so much for your NRG!

A. You are considered a genius, what do you have to say about that?

So I have been told, I am just thankful to be blessed by the most high. I am only a vessel and I just try to set an example for the youths of the future, to see what is possible if we use our minds and that it is possible to rise from nothing to something in life and in whatever we choose to do.

B. You were home schooled by your mother, how was that experience?

I give thanks to my mother for being strong and daring enough to home school me at a time when it was nearly unheard-of in the mainstream world and where it was looked down upon and nonexistent in our country
Jamaica. It taught me that learning never stops no matter what and that we can learn in every situation, whether it be while on a nature walk or watching discovery Channel. I was also taught the fundamental lesson that the key to knowledge is reading and overstanding. I was not only home schooled but also un-schooled, which is a different approach altogether. I am still learning everyday.

C. At what age did you realise that music was your destiny?

Well first of all I come from a musical family in many directions, my mother used to work with Chris Blackwell island records at the time he signed Jimmy Cliff and Bob Marley. Doing public relations for “The Harder They Come” movie and other things like that. My father and uncle operated a very popular studio complex in the 90s – 2000’s as well. I’m related to the legendary sound system pioneers Monte and Winston Blake the late great. So it’s in my blood. Long story short, I created my first song at age 7 for a movie called “Kids Paradise” after being given a keyboard by Errol Omeally, the husband of Reggae singer JC Lodge, the song ended up being produced by Tyrone Downie of the legendary Wailers band and sung by Jamaican songstress Susan Couch. That sparked an interest in music for me after that whole experience.

D. What are your philosophies?

My philosophy is: Put God first, do unto others and you would like them to do unto you. Very simple and easy, in everything have integrity and keep your word. As above so below.

E. Do you think the school systems in Jamaica needs a facelift, if yes why and how?

Well I believe that all present forms of schooling need to be revamped especially in jamaica. There needs to be more focus on technology and also there should be more emphasis on finding what individual students are good at from an early age so they can be put in the right direction and given attention. The major problem so far is that there’s not enough teachers in ratio to students. So it’s hard to give attention to everyone and many students fall through the cracks because of that. Many feel left out even and they end up not applying themselves correctly. So there is lots to be done.

F. Who/what inspires you daily to want to live?

My daily inspiration comes from being thankful for the gift of life and love for life Itself. It gives me strength to continue even on the days I might feel like giving up. Knowing that life is a blessing and that we must be thankful and show that we appreciate our gifts from the Creator.

G. What would you change about the world of reggae?

Well reggae is about peace and love and unity that’s all I want to see more of on the world. We as artists from Jamaica, who do this art must always realize where we come from. And also we must realize the sacrifices of our elders not just in music, but the elders of Rasta who were looked down upon and beaten and had their locs trimmed, they made it possible for us to be here today. They struggled with hatred and resistance, but they returned all that hate with peace and love. That’s why we can be here today and I actually feel that many take it too lightly cause we are so accepted now.

H. What is your favorite animal and color?

Well of course my favorite animal is the lion, king of the jungle. King of the animals. My favorite color is gold, white and red. Can’t just have one you know.

I.Where do you see your career as a performer and producer 3 years from today?

Well I give thanks for the success and great things I have achieved so far as a producer working with many people I look up to and have dreamed to work with and I will continue to do so. As an artist I am blessed and honored to see the response and how well received my music is, especially since I have only been doing this for a very short time so I give thank and will continue to give you great music to listen and relate to and to have fun and to think deeply about. I only aim to grow and become better than I was the day before. There’s a saying about having 365 days in a year to improve everyday so in a few years I can only imagine the growth.

J. What do you want the world to know about you?

Well I just want the WHOLE world to know about me, Makonnen (Maki-B) the SpaceAgeRasta, The Prodigy. That’s my aim, to make great music and share it with the entire world and leave my mark coming from this island of Jamaica, being Rasta and doing music.

You are free to big up your loved ones!

I want to bless up my all my family, friends and fans all over the globe. My brothers the musical team and label Natural High Music – Jordan Armond & Blaise Davis. My N.R.G brothers, Rseenal The DonRasta amd Iyah Gift. Just everyone who supports me and my musical movements bigup you self zeen! And most of all bigup My blessed beloved mother Empress Barbara Makeda Blake-Hannah who brought me here and made all this possible!! Nuff love to you Moje my blessed sister .

Brand New Single What Kinda Herbs

Brand New Single What Kinda Herbs

In comes the New Reggae Generation (N-R-G) with their first officially released Music Video “What Kinda Herbs” Featuring DonRasta aka Rseenal, Iyah-Gift & Makonnen. These three ascending Stars of N-R-G took us on the journey of our most sacred sacrament from its farming to its packaging to its distribution; Displaying its productive uses while Explaining intricately the major spiritual, health, and economic benefits derived from the uses of the Marijuana plant. In this time when we are now witnessing the decriminalisation and legalisation of Marijuana uses locally and worldwide, this music video gives a colourful depiction of life without discrimination against the ordinary man to freely use his herb as a way of life.