Popcaan And Chi Ching Ching Internet Feud

Well as you all know Chi Ching Ching is signed to the Unruly Boss label, but people are starting to question if Popcaan was throwing shades at Chi Ching.

In a recent post made by a close friend of Popcaan’s , Petro Unruly posted a photo on Instagram which captioned “#CrazyCrazy #Outside.” Chi Ching Ching commented on the photo with a simple tick emoji. PopCaan  responded by saying “[Petro Unruly] tell some wanna be unruly don’t nuff up ina real unruly business.”

Even though Popcaan didn’t mention Chi Ching Ching name, unanwered questiones are left with what does this mean for Chi Ching Ching 3 years contract with the Unruly boss, since Chi Ching Ching been touring the globe with International Super Star Sean Paul.