Album Coming Soon : Warrior King – The Rootz Warrior

Warrior King – The Rootz Warrior

Roots reggae singer Mark Dyer, better known by his stage name “Warrior King” has announced the release of his fifth studio album, his first in four years, entitled “The Rootz Warrior”. The album will be distributed digitally by Zojak World Wide and available on iTunes in February 2016.

In describing the albums title, King says “…I am always defending the rootz and rootz music is positive music and uplifting. Without the root, the stem, leaves and branches cannot flourish.”

“Rootz Warrior”, also the name of Warrior Kings company, was a three-year project executive produced by the Rootz Warrior label alongside Irie Sounds International and features 15 total tracks (one being a “bonus track”). The album will include collaborations with artists like Beres Hammond and Richie Spice with production by Colin ‘Bulby’ York, Walboomers Music from The Netherlands and more.

King’s album comes just in time for his upcoming US tour which is already scheduled to make its way through California, Alabama, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Chicago, Pembroke and Bermuda.

Jan 18 Martin Luther King Day Event Worldbeat Center San Diego CA
Jan 24 Mozambique Club Laguna Beach CA
Jan 27 Dub Club Hollywood CA
Jan 29 Hacienda Salinas CA
Jan 30 Moe’s Alley Santa Cruz CA
Feb 06 BAA Gymnasium Pembroke, Bermuda
Feb 10 Club Viva St. Louis, MO
Feb 11 tba
Feb 12 Davey’s Uptown Kansas City, MO
Feb 13 Classic Wheels Huntsville, ALA
Feb 14 Wilebiski’s Saloon St. Paul, MN
Feb 17 Old Town School Chicago, IL

S.I.P. Interviews – RAS IGEL

S.I.P. Interviews – RAS IGEL

S.I.P from Diamond Reggae is delighted to share this moment with the I. Thanks so much! RAS IGEL 🙂

Q. What have you contributed to the music industry?

A. I have contributed a lot of my time and energy to this music industry, including an album BlACK MOSES which was produced by myself in 2007.

Q. How has your journey thus far as an artist?

A. My journey has been a mixture of good and bad experiences. I’ve come along way from deejaying in the back of the classroom at recess, to recording with one of Jamaica’s finest guitarist EARL CHINNA SMITH.

Q. Has there been any treasured memories as an artist?

A. Yes! I was in a studio session with Razor Blade a drummer from California, who Had invited me to work on a project with some musicians from out of California, they was also shooting a documentary for this project. I guess they had also invited EARL CHINNA SMITH to be apart of the recording session. I can remember him playing some chords and I started singing, I see this man’s eyes get wide the nod his head as if he was saying yes! den him seh, where you live? I said country, then he said what a artist like you a do a country? Rasta you must come a town. I felt like that day will live in infamy…..

Q. Tell the people what you want them to know about you?”

A. I want the people to know that Ras Igel is a kind, caring, sharing and loving person. I also love to cook, I think my most favorite spot to be apart from the studio would be the kitchen. Daddy said son music and food go together……lol. I am also jovial, I can mek you laugh till u staawt caugh.

Q. What are your plans for 2016, how do you intend to stand out amongst other artists?

A. My plans for 2016 is to focus my energy on be coming a household name in Jamaica, and for me to do that I will have to relocate to Kingston where all the great musicians and producers are to get some real professional work done, then the radio stations, disc jocks and zip jocks will see my face almost every day…..AIRPLAY.

Q. Who and what is the driving force in your day to day livity?

A. My Mother and my son. My Mother because she has always been there for me from the beginning. My mother also suffered three strokes and is presently in a wheelchair, this is one of the reason why I ended up in Jamaica. My son also haven’t seen me since 2012 and every time I talk to him, he says Dada I am still your biggest fan, so therefore I feel like I owe it to them both…..

Q. What would you change about the Reggae Industry?

A. I would change the fact that artist like myself have to relocate from country to town for some real exposure. We need more live music in the rural areas and more professional recording facilities, artist development programs and more music in the schools….

Q. Share a verse of one of your strongest songs?

A. What is wrong with the youths of today Lord I don’t know, simulated video games with guns to blow your brains their words are oh so cold…

Q. Any advice for the youths and artists?

A. I would tell them to have a little bit more self respect and love for themselves and each other. I see great potential in our youths of today also I can see their demise, therefore the decisions they make now will determine who and what they will be in the future.

Q. How would describe yourself in one sentence?

A. I am a very creative individual.

I thank you again for the opportunity and for being so patient with me……….BLESS.

Brand New Single What Kinda Herbs

Brand New Single What Kinda Herbs

In comes the New Reggae Generation (N-R-G) with their first officially released Music Video “What Kinda Herbs” Featuring DonRasta aka Rseenal, Iyah-Gift & Makonnen. These three ascending Stars of N-R-G took us on the journey of our most sacred sacrament from its farming to its packaging to its distribution; Displaying its productive uses while Explaining intricately the major spiritual, health, and economic benefits derived from the uses of the Marijuana plant. In this time when we are now witnessing the decriminalisation and legalisation of Marijuana uses locally and worldwide, this music video gives a colourful depiction of life without discrimination against the ordinary man to freely use his herb as a way of life.

Sara Sage The Unexpected One

Sara Sage The Unexpected One

Diamond Reggae Seeing Into Peoples welcomes YOU gladly!

Give thanks to Diamond Reggae for giving I a spotlight.

For those who don’t know, Who is Sara Sage/The Unexpected One?

I am Sara SaGe Gentis. An artist, musician, singer /songwriter, producer, painter, photographer, designer, probiotics educator and entrepreneur. I am an activist and a rebel with a big heart.

How long have you been a musician, poetess and singer?

I was born into a family of music enthusiasts. My mother used to say that “I sang before I spoke”. I grew around my father playing acoustic guitar and singing folk tunes in the backyard. Everyone in the family dabbled at the piano but my sister was very accomplished in her studies of piano when we were young. From a child I played piano, mostly by ear and played the oboe for some years, there was a yuk allele in the house which was my grandfathers, a Leslie organ in the living room, flute, and accordion. I was involved in voice lessons in my young teens, and sang in competitive choirs growing up. I learned guitar on my father’s old 1963 Gibson and from there began writing songs of my own.

Your style is quite unique and classy, what or who inspires you?

Reality inspires me…
Politricks, love, struggle, blessings, accomplishments and disappointments.
activists inspire me…
Rebels with a cause. Outspoken people who are ready to stand up for what’s right.
great leaders inspire me. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Haile Selassie I, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama…to just name a few of our great leaders and thinkers.
Voices that have influenced me. The great Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, Sade, Lionel Richie, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, The Last Poets, dead prez, Guru, Tupac, India Arie. No list could be long enough for the vocal artists that have inspired me. Great artists near and far. I know I missed someone real important to me.
I love music, I celebrate the diversity of music that is being made worldwide from soul, jazz, ballads, hip hop, deep house, reggae, tribal fusion to rnb. I feel honored to be a singer and player of instrument in this time.

Do you have a favorite color and how would you describe your vibration as a creative being?

As an artist I have come to appreciate all the shades and tones of the spectrum. I do however shine an electric blue and vibrate with the number seven as a creative being.
I am here to grow spiritually. Music is my life work. I want to be a voice to the voiceless. This isn’t a competition for me, this is life. I am here to heal and be healed through word, sound, power.

Any plans on doing any albums, if so when?

I have been producing my own album for some time now. It’s been a journey. I am producing the tracks, engineering, mixing, voicing. So it’s very close to completion and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with Jamaica and the world.
I do have some singles that can be heard at Show me your love, I produced in southern Cali and Walking on Air, I produced in Chicago.

What are your thoughts about the state of the world and your vision?

The state of the world?
I feel like there is eminent danger if we don’t wake up to the truth, wake up from the matrix, not just seek truth but once we find it, we must accept it and find solutions to move into harmony with the divine of the world, the Divine Designers plan.
I’m here to unlearn all the nonsense and remember the anciency and honor it to the greatest of my potential.

If you were able to change anything about the mind of humanity what would it be?

Love is the only solution.

Tell us something no one would believe about you?

I was very athletic growing up. I ran track, played soccer and volleyball. Love to swim and play basketball too…Go BULLS.

How do you overcome challenges?

Through faith in The Almighty, life giver, the great counselor, the divine designer, my comforter.

What are your thoughts about the Reggae music industry?

The reggae music industry is the healing vibration in the music industry as a whole. It’s some of the cleanest music out there. Yet, it’s also an industry that gets under marketed, undervalued, under publicized worldwide. Comparatively reggae is still considered a bit underground to the larger musical genres. Yet its impact on the world is undeniable. Big up all the reggae soldiers out on the frontline.

7 Most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

7 Most Richest Reggae/DanceHall Artist

Sean Paul
Diamond Reggae 7 most Richest Artist

A Jamaican born dancehall artist. His Dutty Rock album won the Reggae Album of the year at the “46th Annual Grammy Awards” in 2004. A consistent, hard working artist. He has recorded with qúite a number of celebrities, Divas such as Sasha,Beyonce,Blu Cantrell, Keisha Cole,Timaya to name a few. Valued at $11million

Beenie Man
7 most Richest Artist

Beenie Man came on the music scene in the1990s.His originality as a DJ is undeniable.He is said to be the best dancehall performer in his time. His versatilty, dance moves and personality has won him many fans and supporters. Moses is embraced by all worldwide. Valued at $3.7million.

7 most Richest Artist
Rodney Price best known as Bounty Killer is a very talented dance hall artist. He cannot go unnoticed, his presence is indeed a commanding one,his lyrics are oftentimes made of stones and sometimes iron. He delivers effectively where ever he goes. Definitely one of Jamaica’s most loved dance hall legends.. Valued at $3million

Jimmy Cliff
7 most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

Jimmy Cliff OM was inducted in the the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame back in 2010. His “The Harder They Come” movie helped spread Rastafarianism and Reggae to the whole world. He is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and loved musical figure in the Realms of Reggae. Grammy Award winner. Jimmy is still going strong, he appears ageless in fact. Valued at $10million.

7 most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

Shaggy is a deejay/reggae/singer,fusion artist. Hit singles such as “Oh Carolina,” which was originally recorded by The Folkes Brothers and Legendary Count Ossie, “Boombastic”, “It Wasn’t Me” and “Angel” are few of his most popular songs.
Richard Burelle has won one Grammy. Award and atleast twelve other awards in hus career.A sincere humanitarian and a well respected artist globally. He is valued at $10million

Junior Gong
7 most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley is a three time Grammy Award winner. He is the youngest son of the Legendary Bob Marley. He is a blend of dancehall, hip pop and roots. Valued at $20million

Ziggy marley
7 most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

Ziggy is the son of the Legendary Bob Marley. He is a winner of three Grammy Awards. Ziggy is most confident and continues to create and effortlessly manifest high quality soulfful Reggae Music. Valued at $10million..

Reggae Artist Chezidek “Rasta Journey”

Reggae Artist Chezidek known as The Herbalist is a Rastafarian Roots and Culture singer from St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. In 2002 he emerged with his first album HARVEST TIME on VP Records label, which was produced by Phillip ‘Fattis’ Burrell of Exterminator Records. Chezidek’s unique voice is indeed melodious, soothing and healing. He creatively combines cultural, spirituality and political topics in his music. It was effortless for The Herbalist to rise to the top. He was quicklyembraced and placed in the hearts of Reggae fans in Jamaica and worldwide. His first song ‘Leave the Trees’ was released in 2006, it became an anthem for all herbalists and was an instant hit. Chezidek’s latest single ‘Rasta Journey’ was released on July 23.2015, it was produced by African Tradition Music & Entertainment. There is such purity in this song, words alone are inadequate to describe it, one must simply listen to experience the soulfulness of Chezidek’s voice. Another successful venture is born. The ‘Rasta Journey’ is inevitable