S.I.P. Interviews Singing Vernon

S.I.P ( Seeing Into People) Diamond Reggae.

Greetings Singing Vernon,
It is a pleasure to have you share with us. Much Gratitude!

Singing Vernon

Are you happy with the direction of Reggae Music?

No I Am Not

Describe yourself in three words?

A Reggae defender

How long have you been a singer?

Been singing since I born.

Your voice is quite pleasing to the ear, how do you maintain it?

Natural voice Jah gave me ,it is built in. Rest well
and stay away from Dairy products.

In another five years where do you vision Sing Vernon?

Next 5 years I should be greeting and singing songs of love to people all over the world

What keeps you afloat in such a demanding and competitive world?

The love of Reggae music , I have to defend and preserve the greatness of the music.

Who or what inspires you the most musically?

Lol Bob Marley

How would you describe a day with Singing Vernon?

A day with the singa is full of adventures

Are you spiritual or religious, what is your philosophy?

My philosophy is Love , religiously and spiritually . Do unto others as they would do onto you..raspek

Get Mr. Vegas New Album Lovers Rock & Soul’s Album

GET Mr. Vegas New Album Lovers Rock & Soul’s

International Reggae and Dancehall Super Star Mr. Vegas has announced the upcoming release date 30th October for his new album “Lovers Rock & Soul”, it contains an 11 track LP packed with reggae renditions of popular classics hit songs that are known and loved by many. The first single from the album, Thinking Out Loud, a Rub A’ Dub version of Ed Sheridan’s hit song has been creating a huge buzz worldwide.

The album was put together with the intention to help retrieve reggae’s status within the International market while reaching out to a more mature audience. With this goal in mind he chose to honor the legends and songs that have helped inspire him. “Lovers Rock & Soul” stays true to the classic reggae sound while covering popular R&B, Pop and Reggae hits.

Mr. Vegas has involved an all-star cast of musicians for the project to capture the original essence of Reggae music, with the likes of Dean Frazer, Danny Browne, Flabba Holt, Donald Dennis, Kirk ‘Kirkle Dove’ Bennett, Wade Johnson, Aeion Hoilette alongside “Lovers Rock & Soul’s” is co-producer Cleveland Brownie of Steely & Clevie Fame.

Sara Sage The Unexpected One

Sara Sage The Unexpected One

Diamond Reggae Seeing Into Peoples welcomes YOU gladly!

Give thanks to Diamond Reggae for giving I a spotlight.

For those who don’t know, Who is Sara Sage/The Unexpected One?

I am Sara SaGe Gentis. An artist, musician, singer /songwriter, producer, painter, photographer, designer, probiotics educator and entrepreneur. I am an activist and a rebel with a big heart.

How long have you been a musician, poetess and singer?

I was born into a family of music enthusiasts. My mother used to say that “I sang before I spoke”. I grew around my father playing acoustic guitar and singing folk tunes in the backyard. Everyone in the family dabbled at the piano but my sister was very accomplished in her studies of piano when we were young. From a child I played piano, mostly by ear and played the oboe for some years, there was a yuk allele in the house which was my grandfathers, a Leslie organ in the living room, flute, and accordion. I was involved in voice lessons in my young teens, and sang in competitive choirs growing up. I learned guitar on my father’s old 1963 Gibson and from there began writing songs of my own.

Your style is quite unique and classy, what or who inspires you?

Reality inspires me…
Politricks, love, struggle, blessings, accomplishments and disappointments.
activists inspire me…
Rebels with a cause. Outspoken people who are ready to stand up for what’s right.
great leaders inspire me. Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Haile Selassie I, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama…to just name a few of our great leaders and thinkers.
Voices that have influenced me. The great Stevie Wonder, Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Tracy Chapman, Sade, Lionel Richie, Aretha Franklin, Bob Marley, The Last Poets, dead prez, Guru, Tupac, India Arie. No list could be long enough for the vocal artists that have inspired me. Great artists near and far. I know I missed someone real important to me.
I love music, I celebrate the diversity of music that is being made worldwide from soul, jazz, ballads, hip hop, deep house, reggae, tribal fusion to rnb. I feel honored to be a singer and player of instrument in this time.

Do you have a favorite color and how would you describe your vibration as a creative being?

As an artist I have come to appreciate all the shades and tones of the spectrum. I do however shine an electric blue and vibrate with the number seven as a creative being.
I am here to grow spiritually. Music is my life work. I want to be a voice to the voiceless. This isn’t a competition for me, this is life. I am here to heal and be healed through word, sound, power.

Any plans on doing any albums, if so when?

I have been producing my own album for some time now. It’s been a journey. I am producing the tracks, engineering, mixing, voicing. So it’s very close to completion and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with Jamaica and the world.
I do have some singles that can be heard at www.reverbnation.com/ladysage Show me your love, I produced in southern Cali and Walking on Air, I produced in Chicago.

What are your thoughts about the state of the world and your vision?

The state of the world?
I feel like there is eminent danger if we don’t wake up to the truth, wake up from the matrix, not just seek truth but once we find it, we must accept it and find solutions to move into harmony with the divine of the world, the Divine Designers plan.
I’m here to unlearn all the nonsense and remember the anciency and honor it to the greatest of my potential.

If you were able to change anything about the mind of humanity what would it be?

Love is the only solution.

Tell us something no one would believe about you?

I was very athletic growing up. I ran track, played soccer and volleyball. Love to swim and play basketball too…Go BULLS.

How do you overcome challenges?

Through faith in The Almighty, life giver, the great counselor, the divine designer, my comforter.

What are your thoughts about the Reggae music industry?

The reggae music industry is the healing vibration in the music industry as a whole. It’s some of the cleanest music out there. Yet, it’s also an industry that gets under marketed, undervalued, under publicized worldwide. Comparatively reggae is still considered a bit underground to the larger musical genres. Yet its impact on the world is undeniable. Big up all the reggae soldiers out on the frontline.

Reggae Legend Ras Michael will be Awarded The Order Of Distinction 2015

Reggae Legend Ras Michael will be Awarded The Order Of Distinction 2015

Diamond Reggae congratulates Ras Michael for his accomplishment as one of the longest living Reggae Music Legends. Michael George Henry better known as Ras Michael or Dadawah was born in St.Mary,Jamaica. He is a well seasoned master drummer, vocalist and Nyabinghi specialist. Diamond Reggae is elated that Ras Michael will be awarded. He will be awarded the OD, Jamaica’s sixth-highest honour, for his massive contribution to Reggae Music by the Jamaican Government in September 2015. He is indeed blissful and is really excited about this achievement. When Diamond Reggae asked him how he was feeling, he responded while laughing and said, “IRIE UP! To Jah Be the Glory!