Brand New Single What Kinda Herbs

Brand New Single What Kinda Herbs

In comes the New Reggae Generation (N-R-G) with their first officially released Music Video “What Kinda Herbs” Featuring DonRasta aka Rseenal, Iyah-Gift & Makonnen. These three ascending Stars of N-R-G took us on the journey of our most sacred sacrament from its farming to its packaging to its distribution; Displaying its productive uses while Explaining intricately the major spiritual, health, and economic benefits derived from the uses of the Marijuana plant. In this time when we are now witnessing the decriminalisation and legalisation of Marijuana uses locally and worldwide, this music video gives a colourful depiction of life without discrimination against the ordinary man to freely use his herb as a way of life.

Get Mr. Vegas New Album Lovers Rock & Soul’s Album

GET Mr. Vegas New Album Lovers Rock & Soul’s

International Reggae and Dancehall Super Star Mr. Vegas has announced the upcoming release date 30th October for his new album “Lovers Rock & Soul”, it contains an 11 track LP packed with reggae renditions of popular classics hit songs that are known and loved by many. The first single from the album, Thinking Out Loud, a Rub A’ Dub version of Ed Sheridan’s hit song has been creating a huge buzz worldwide.

The album was put together with the intention to help retrieve reggae’s status within the International market while reaching out to a more mature audience. With this goal in mind he chose to honor the legends and songs that have helped inspire him. “Lovers Rock & Soul” stays true to the classic reggae sound while covering popular R&B, Pop and Reggae hits.

Mr. Vegas has involved an all-star cast of musicians for the project to capture the original essence of Reggae music, with the likes of Dean Frazer, Danny Browne, Flabba Holt, Donald Dennis, Kirk ‘Kirkle Dove’ Bennett, Wade Johnson, Aeion Hoilette alongside “Lovers Rock & Soul’s” is co-producer Cleveland Brownie of Steely & Clevie Fame.

Reggae Legend Ras Michael will be Awarded The Order Of Distinction 2015

Reggae Legend Ras Michael will be Awarded The Order Of Distinction 2015

Diamond Reggae congratulates Ras Michael for his accomplishment as one of the longest living Reggae Music Legends. Michael George Henry better known as Ras Michael or Dadawah was born in St.Mary,Jamaica. He is a well seasoned master drummer, vocalist and Nyabinghi specialist. Diamond Reggae is elated that Ras Michael will be awarded. He will be awarded the OD, Jamaica’s sixth-highest honour, for his massive contribution to Reggae Music by the Jamaican Government in September 2015. He is indeed blissful and is really excited about this achievement. When Diamond Reggae asked him how he was feeling, he responded while laughing and said, “IRIE UP! To Jah Be the Glory!

7 Most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

7 Most Richest Reggae/DanceHall Artist

Sean Paul
Diamond Reggae 7 most Richest Artist

A Jamaican born dancehall artist. His Dutty Rock album won the Reggae Album of the year at the “46th Annual Grammy Awards” in 2004. A consistent, hard working artist. He has recorded with qúite a number of celebrities, Divas such as Sasha,Beyonce,Blu Cantrell, Keisha Cole,Timaya to name a few. Valued at $11million

Beenie Man
7 most Richest Artist

Beenie Man came on the music scene in the1990s.His originality as a DJ is undeniable.He is said to be the best dancehall performer in his time. His versatilty, dance moves and personality has won him many fans and supporters. Moses is embraced by all worldwide. Valued at $3.7million.

7 most Richest Artist
Rodney Price best known as Bounty Killer is a very talented dance hall artist. He cannot go unnoticed, his presence is indeed a commanding one,his lyrics are oftentimes made of stones and sometimes iron. He delivers effectively where ever he goes. Definitely one of Jamaica’s most loved dance hall legends.. Valued at $3million

Jimmy Cliff
7 most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

Jimmy Cliff OM was inducted in the the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame back in 2010. His “The Harder They Come” movie helped spread Rastafarianism and Reggae to the whole world. He is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and loved musical figure in the Realms of Reggae. Grammy Award winner. Jimmy is still going strong, he appears ageless in fact. Valued at $10million.

7 most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

Shaggy is a deejay/reggae/singer,fusion artist. Hit singles such as “Oh Carolina,” which was originally recorded by The Folkes Brothers and Legendary Count Ossie, “Boombastic”, “It Wasn’t Me” and “Angel” are few of his most popular songs.
Richard Burelle has won one Grammy. Award and atleast twelve other awards in hus career.A sincere humanitarian and a well respected artist globally. He is valued at $10million

Junior Gong
7 most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

Damian ‘Junior Gong’ Marley is a three time Grammy Award winner. He is the youngest son of the Legendary Bob Marley. He is a blend of dancehall, hip pop and roots. Valued at $20million

Ziggy marley
7 most Richest Reggae / DanceHall Artist

Ziggy is the son of the Legendary Bob Marley. He is a winner of three Grammy Awards. Ziggy is most confident and continues to create and effortlessly manifest high quality soulfful Reggae Music. Valued at $10million..