Asante Amen The Anointed One

Asante Amen The Anointed One

A born natural performer, singer, writer, inspirational, truly spirited international recording artist. Asante Amen is not the typical or average artist. A gifted performer and songwriter who has hit #1 on the BBC 3 Counties Radio Top 10 Reggae Chart in 2012.
The release of his latest single ‘Sinners’ also featuring Leaf of Life and Dean Fraser, was originally done by Jacob Miller and the Inner Circle band. ‘Sinners’ was released on July 23.2015, a very special day indeed, which was also the earthday of Emperor Haile Selassie I the First. Asante’s audience is growing rapidly and steadily. He has a firm committed,dream management team namely Sis Jennnifer Virgo and Norman Richards.
The ‘Anoined One’ is very focused and fully equipped to spread his wings. Asante Amen, born Gavin Walters is undeniably one of the most truly spirited Reggae Artist of all times, his irresistible voice, along with his very presence speaks volume. The present and the future is extremely bright and promising for Asante Amen and his record label High Priest Record.

Reggae Artist Chezidek “Rasta Journey”

Reggae Artist Chezidek known as The Herbalist is a Rastafarian Roots and Culture singer from St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica. In 2002 he emerged with his first album HARVEST TIME on VP Records label, which was produced by Phillip ‘Fattis’ Burrell of Exterminator Records. Chezidek’s unique voice is indeed melodious, soothing and healing. He creatively combines cultural, spirituality and political topics in his music. It was effortless for The Herbalist to rise to the top. He was quicklyembraced and placed in the hearts of Reggae fans in Jamaica and worldwide. His first song ‘Leave the Trees’ was released in 2006, it became an anthem for all herbalists and was an instant hit. Chezidek’s latest single ‘Rasta Journey’ was released on July 23.2015, it was produced by African Tradition Music & Entertainment. There is such purity in this song, words alone are inadequate to describe it, one must simply listen to experience the soulfulness of Chezidek’s voice. Another successful venture is born. The ‘Rasta Journey’ is inevitable

Jah Cure On The Billboard Reggae Chart

Jah Cure has been healing with his voice from ever since. His new album The Cure is a definite inspiration The Jamaican born, a real conscious artist,continues to strive musically and spiritually. Jah Cure is known by millions as the King of Lovers Rock and Rootsikal Reggae. The Cure thirteen track album is a must have collection as it was given birth to from Jah Cure’s Soul. Tracks like; Set Me Free ,I Surrender, Life We Live were all producced By Christopher ‘Sketch Carey & Jah Cure for Iyah Cure Productions, John Lennon’s classic, All Of Me produced by  Llamar Brown & Jah Cure for Iyah Cure Productions and Show Love produced. By Trevor ‘Baby G’ Washington & Jah Cure for Iyah Cure Productions are a few of my favorites. Are you ready to be CURED by His Music? Jah Cure remains faithful to his fans, friends and family globally. Humbly The Cure continues to serve positively.