S.I.P. Interviews Abijah

Diamond Reggae S.I.P is elated for this moment with the I! ABIJAH thanks much for your energy!

A. For those who don’t know, who is Abijah?

I am Andrew Abijah Smith a Jamaican Reggae Artist.

B. What are your views as it relates to the Reggae Industry?

I believe the reggae industry has come a far way but still more to be done interms of unity.

C. Do you believe artists should have to pay to get their music played?

I dont believe artists or anyone in music or arts should pay to get media attention.

D. What or who do you believe the Most High to be?

For me the Most High is the Universe of Love. That lives within all living things that are positive around us. Not my place to narrow down the Most High to a he or she or colour. The Most High have manifested in our prophets and great leaders and is the soul and light that lives within us all.

E. Describe your most outstanding moment on stage?

My most outstanding moment is always when I see my music touch the hearts of the people.

F. You are well travelled, what are some of your favorite place/s and why?

I’ve been all over the world, from the USA, Canada to China, Japan, Singapore, Europe, England, just to name a few.

G. Any new album in the pipe line, if yes what can we expect?

My next album is now being worked on I think I’ll call it Children of Love.

H. How is the journey like for you being a father?

I am a happy father because I have good relationship with all my children, we are very close.

I.How did you get started in the music industry, any regrets?

I pretty much got started from watching and admiring my father’s works. When he played in his band with Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari. I have no regrets. Life is big home work. All good and bad I appreciate.

What or who inspires your writings?

My inspiration for song writing comes from my everyday experience in life. People life and things. I dont sing it if I dont experience it or mean it.

Feel free to big up anyone! A pleasure having you on S.I.P

Wanna big up all my fans around the world. And all who not yet familiar with my works. Just wanna say thanks and I love u and keep positive in this life journey.

S.I.P. Interviews Singing Vernon

S.I.P ( Seeing Into People) Diamond Reggae.

Greetings Singing Vernon,
It is a pleasure to have you share with us. Much Gratitude!

Singing Vernon

Are you happy with the direction of Reggae Music?

No I Am Not

Describe yourself in three words?

A Reggae defender

How long have you been a singer?

Been singing since I born.

Your voice is quite pleasing to the ear, how do you maintain it?

Natural voice Jah gave me ,it is built in. Rest well
and stay away from Dairy products.

In another five years where do you vision Sing Vernon?

Next 5 years I should be greeting and singing songs of love to people all over the world

What keeps you afloat in such a demanding and competitive world?

The love of Reggae music , I have to defend and preserve the greatness of the music.

Who or what inspires you the most musically?

Lol Bob Marley

How would you describe a day with Singing Vernon?

A day with the singa is full of adventures

Are you spiritual or religious, what is your philosophy?

My philosophy is Love , religiously and spiritually . Do unto others as they would do onto you..raspek